2017 is my year of personal goals. I’m a firm believer that setting goals gives you the focus needed to achieve them, we’re all in biggest competition with ourselves, right? As our marketing manager Kate says, ‘if everybody owns it, then nobody owns it’, so in that vein my goals help me put something significant on my to-do list, giving me the drive and onus to complete them. And the more I share my goals, the stronger the need to complete them becomes, so here I am, publically sharing.

I have two very important goals this year. I actually have many more as I set myself monthly goals, something that has changed my life and business, but the two goals I’m about to share are the ones I’ll remember for years to come - if achieved of course.

Goal one is to run my first marathon for a remarkable charity, Bliss. Bliss support premature or sick babies and their families. For a number of reasons, my marathon goal feels like the ‘easy‘ one. It helps that I have a deep emotional connection to the charity, but also I can train for this. I can put the hours in, eat the rights foods and on the day, I can just not stop. So I’m very much in control of this one. Which brings me to my next goal, you guessed it, winning a Big Chip Award.

I founded Silverchip with Jamie McMullan back in 2010. When we took the plunge, there were certain benchmarks that we set ourselves, if not literally then emotionally. We knew our first actual office space was one, then our first team member, then our first big name client, then delivery of a project over 50,000, you get the drill. Now I’m proud to say we’re a team of 10, we have a number of wonderful clients and have delivered some huge projects. So for me, a Big Chip Award would be the icing on the cake. I first attended The Big Chip Awards in 2008 with another agency and I knew I wanted to be part of it.

I have seen what Big Chip has done for other agencies, as Alex Epstein so eloquently put in his recent blog about his win last year. I personally have huge respect for all the previous winners. Big Chip is THE Northern award everyone wants to win, so there’s huge competition and there is so much talent in our fair city and beyond that these things aren’t won lightly.

We’re proud of the work we do at Silverchip. I’m constantly amazed at how a little technical curiosity from our developers can lead to phenomenal changes to our client’s projects and ultimately their business. So yes, winning would be my personal goal achieved and of course a lot of exposure our business, but it would be an emotional moment to turn to the team and say, you did this.