The North, and Manchester in particular, is really booming at the moment with digital and tech companies doing amazing work. It’s one of the biggest growth sectors in the country and contributes a huge amount to the UK economy. It’s a really exciting time for the region and to be working this field I’ve been aware of the Big Chip Awards for years, but had never thought of entering anything.

When I started my own creative agency and within a couple of months we won a huge job with Arts Council England, and then that turned into a beautiful campaign of work, I thought - let’s go for it! I’d spoken with a few friends who run creative and media companies and who’d entered work into awards and everyone said it was great for exposure and profile raising, especially for a new company, so thought I’d give it a go.

The fact that it was a local award made it a bit more special too. We were up against design and animation company’s work who I’d looked at and admired for years working as a designer in Manchester, which made it even more amazing to win! We won four Big Chip awards last year, incline the Grand Prix on the night, which was beyond all our wildest hopes, especially as we were just a year old as an agency.

It was an incredible night and one that helped to get us on the radar of lots of businesses that would never have heard of it otherwise. We met some great people from being involved in the Big Chip awards, and it’s been a massive help in getting our name out and letting the local business community know who we are, and what we do.

The Big Chip awards was the first awards we won as an agency, and was the catalyst in many ways to what was a phenomenal 2017 for us, a year in which we went on to win 12 more industry awards, won lots more big projects with some great new clients, grew the team and moved to a lovely new studio.