We talked to Ashley Griffths, managing director of The Loop recently to find out more about what The Loop can offer to digital and technology businesses and why they chose to sponsor the Big Chip Awards.

I was pleased to recently read that the Adverting Standards Authority is finally investigating the way Internet Service Providers (ISPs) advertise ‘fibre broadband’.  Most claim their service as being fibre but generally rely on slower copper wires to take the internet connection from the cabinet to the customer’s home. Nowadays its common place to advertise faster internet speeds than the end user actually gets, and customers just seem to accept this. 

But imagine checking in to a 5 star hotel but finding you only get 2 star service apart from when you call down for room service at 3am when the hotel isn’t busy.  You’d be wanting your money back and writing a scathing review on Trip Advisor.  You wouldn’t just shrug your shoulders and not do anything.

I can use another analogy to explain why most people don’t get the internet speed they sign up for.  Imagine you want to take a shower and other people have taps on in the kitchen or are showering in other bathrooms.  The water pressure will reduce.  We’ve all experienced this.  Well it’s exactly the same with contended connectivity which is shared in a building. Unless you have a ‘pipe’ straight to your business, there will be busy times throughout the day when the speed slows right down an you don’t get what you paid for. 

The Loop is one of the largest fibre networks in Manchester. The network was laid under the streets of the city for the Commonwealth Games, but we now use it to take premium bandwidth straight into commercial buildings.  Unlike most, we are fortunate to be able to offer a truly uncontended internet service right to the front door. That means there isn’t the problem of sharing the connectivity with anyone else.  We guarantee that the upload and download speeds our customers order is what they get.  However, due to so many providers misleading their customers, we find that people don’t always believe us, which is a very frustrating.

This is one of the reasons we decided to sponsor the Best Use of Animation category at this year’s Big Chip Awards.   Animation companies, like many businesses in the media and broadcast sector, need to move large files quickly and efficiently so they need a reliable, resilient single fibre connection with symmetrical up and down speeds guaranteed.

We pass thousands of addresses and we’re growing all the time. With our base in Trafford Park, our installations engineers know the city, know the streets and know how to get firms online with fibre fast, without mess or disruption. And being a locally managed service, we can spot and take care of any problems easily.

We understand what digital businesses in Manchester need, whether they be animators, post production houses or independent production companies, and we can offer a solution.  And we keep our promises.  You just have to take our word for it!

For more information on what we offer visit www.theloopmanchester.co.uk or call 0333 004 4222 or email info@theloopmanchester.co.uk