We’re really proud that the Big Chip Awards is now in its 17th year and has grown to be the biggest award ceremony for celebrating digital excellence in the North of England.

This year the awards are set to be even bigger and better than before. We now have 22 categories to choose from, including five new ones – Best B2B E-business Project, Best B2C E-business Project, Best Use of Content Marketing, Most Innovative Application of Technology and Best Game.

As such, we have created this blog to provide you with all the information you need.

Who can enter?

You don’t have to just be a digital company or creative agency to enter– in fact, any business or organisation can enter the awards as long as they have undertaken a digital project in the past year. This can be anything from developing a company website to launching a mobile app. Also, the awards are open to companies across the whole of the North of England - from the Scottish borders down to Derby.

How much does it cost to enter?

Your first two entries are completely free to enter. Any more you would like to make cost £95.

How to enter

Once you’ve decided which categories you want to enter, you’ll need to create an account and then enter via the form on our website. The form can be found here.

For a complete guide to all the information and questions you will be asked on the entry form, we’ve uploaded a How To Enter Guide to the website – This got updated recently and includes comprehensive information on all aspects of completing the entry form, including the word counts for each question.

Filling out the entry form

The best tip we can give you is that the first question in the ‘Category’ section is the most important question on the form.

This question has a 500 word limit and how you answer it will determine the success of your entry. Therefore, make sure you provide the judges with plenty of evidence - statistics, testimonials from your client and anything that demonstrates the success of your entry. Basically, anything you can tell the judges that sets your entry apart, shows how good what you did was and can’t help but convince them that your entry is the one that deserves the award.

When is the deadline for entries?

The deadline to get your entries in is fast approaching with the closing date on Monday 16 March at 5pm. If you do enter, you’ll be in good company too – previous winners of the Big Chip Awards have included Code Computerlove, PushON, Space 48 and Manchester City Council.

All the best with your entry and if you need any more help or information, please don’t hesitate to email us at: info@bigchipawards.com.