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Winner 2017

Apadmi with NHS Blood and Transplant - DonorPath

Apadmi with NHS Blood and Transplant - DonorPath  Apadmi with NHS Blood and Transplant - DonorPath

The judges said

Exemplary results from a health based transformation project, that in its early stages has already shown a massive impact on changing people’s lives.

Entrant's description

DonorPath is a comprehensive mobile app and server solution implemented by NHS Blood and Transplant. Time is critical in organ donation and transplants, with medical teams required to act quickly if life-saving procedures are to take place. The DonorPath solution helps reduce the amount of time it takes Specialist Nurses working in Organ Donation to complete the key documentation required for a successful organ donation, helping to save lives.

Shortlist 2017

  • Apadmi and DonorPath
  • Vortex Commerce and AKW
  • Human and Swift Dental
  • Silverchip and England Squash
  • Silverchip and Bolster Systems


Submissions in this category should be from either: organisations that implement technology solutions which transform and improve processes and create efficiencies or from organisations who have successfully transformed and improved all or part of their business through technology. The submissions in this category should demonstrate evidence of how digitising part of the organisation or organisation's work has resulted in greater efficiency, improved service quality and/or improved profitability