1. Hi Bethany, tell us a bit about what you do:
Hi, I'm Bethany Black and I'm a comedian - I've been performing stand-up comedy all over the world for the last 13 years. For the last couple of years, I've also ended up with an accidental career in acting, first in Cucumber Banana and Tofu for Channel 4 and then more recently as the "Grunt" 474 in Doctor Who.

2. What brings you to Big Chips this year?
I will be hosting the Big Chip Awards and I'm really looking forward to it.  I've done a few tech awards ceremonies before, including Hack Manchester, which I've done for the last three years. I'm also currently learning how to program my raspberry pi so this is a fantastic way to combine business and pleasure!

3. How do you feel about the tech industry in the North? Anything you’re a particular fan of?
I have a keen interest in the tech industry and through my work with Hack Manchester, I've seen how innovative the local tech scene is - there's a real wealth of talent and creativity. I'm a big fan of the rise of apps, and I'm getting the same feeling of excitement about the tech scene here as I did about the music scene growing up. In the North generally (and as a Mancunian by heart) we do things differently here!

4. Our ceremony is always fun, what are you most looking forward to?
I always love seeing the amazingly creative ways people get their ideas across.  There's always the edge of danger as well in a live event where anything could happen - technical issues crop up regularly at these sorts of things, which always make them feel a bit anarchic and that is something I thrive on.

5. We know you’re an actress, how will you be getting into character as the Big Chip compére?  
Same way I do for every comedy gig, take a deep breath and remember there's nothing that can happen that's worse than the time a rowdy scouser threatened me with a bottle on stage (and I dealt with that).

6. What’s your favourite thing about the North?!
My favourite thing about the North?  Well I like that I can get a four-bedroom house for the same price as a room in a flat share in London.  That I can chat to the guy in the corner shop and he doesn't think I'm trying to distract him whilst an accomplice steals from him.  I think most of all I love the North because I have such a warm feeling that this is where I belong more than anywhere else.  The home of the industrial revolution, the computer, and some of the greatest music, invention, and politics in history.

Any final words?
Yes, I can't wait to host this awards ceremony and actually see what some of these fantastic products do!