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Cahoona with James Anderson 613


Entrant's description

As fast bowler James Anderson celebrates 10 years in cricket, The James Anderson Benefit Committee have launched James Anderson 613; a website that lets cricket fans follow Jimmy's career through a series of beautiful infographics. The site was built using Django alongside Opta Sports data, enabling infographics to be updated in real time and giving fans unparalleled insights into the fundamentals of cricket. Each page view is a unique experience, with an unrepeatable opening animation, and subtle colour changes on each visit. The site demonstrates the potential of real-time vector graphics in changing how people experience sporting events online.

2012 Criteria

The Tasty Website Award is the only one of the Big Chip Awards to be decided by popular vote. The judges draw up a shortlist of websites that strike them as particularly tasty, and then the voting is open to the public. Only one vote is allowed per person.

Award History

Winner 2011

Ampersand Commerce with Luxuriously Affordable, Great Design

Ampersand ITAmpersand IT

Shortlist 2011

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Winner 2010

Cahoona with Cahoona website


Shortlist 2010

Winner 2009

Last year's Tasty Website Award wasn't decided until voting closed at 10pm on the night of Big Chip. Not even the judges knew who would win.

Code Computerlove with

LABELCode Computelove - Best On-line Brand DevelopmentThe Source

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The Tasty Website Award was decided by popular vote by SMS - open until 10pm on the night of Big Chip. Not even the judges knew who would win.

Shortlist 2009

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Code Computerlove

Code Computerlove