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3B Clean 205

Winner: 3BView

3BView specialises in products to allow the secure and controlled exchange of business documents. Its latest product, 3BClean, prevents leaks of confidential information by removing metadata from documents, for example tracked changes in Microsoft Word files. It's a server-based product that can work with all versions of Windows, as well as on Apple and Linux machines.

The judges saw 3BClean as “a leadership product” that would prevent embarrassment, and worse, within organisations, by stopping embedded metadata coming back to haunt you. One example the company gives is the fact that the UK Government's dossier on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction was shown to be the work of a postgraduate student by the tracked changes within it. As one judge said, “If this had been around five years ago, Tony Blair might have got another term as Prime Minister”.

Photo of 3B View receiving their award


Yuuguu - Yuuguu is a desktop tool that aims to solve the problem of groups working remotely from each other by allowing users to see, share and take control of each other's computer screens and applications remotely. The judges saw its potential instantly and praised its perfectly judged functionality.


  • CRE8TXT - A mobile phone style keypad for use with computers instead of a Qwerty keyboard.
  • TXTRequest.TV (screenshots) / Pixel Inspiration - a system for leisure venues that combines digital signage with a cashless jukebox function, driven by SMS requests.
  • IT247 and IntoScape / Into Technology - A technology retail site intended to prove the power of Into Technology's software platform.