Winner 2014

ThoughtWorks with Raluca Puichilita

ThoughtWorks ThoughtWorks

The judges said

This entry led to the creation of a genuinely useful tool, but beyond that the judges were also impressed by the winner’s ability to scope and prototype a dynamic system.

Entrant's description

"Raluca created a prototype to gather some ideas on what an interactive Technology Radar looks like, what issues there might be and how to tackle them. ThoughtWorks' Technology Radar captures ThoughtWorks’ view on current technology trends with an impact on the IT industry. It is released bi-annually by the ThoughtWorks Technology Advisory Board. She managed to create a fully working prototype which helped ThoughtWorks build what currently is used at : Raluca focused on making an interactive mobile-first web application by using technologies like D3js and Ruby. "


  • Approach PR, Daniel Greenwood
  • Bright Future, Jakub Wawszczyk
  • ThoughtWorks, Raluca Puichilita

Criteria and eligibility

An entry must be a digital artefact - such as a website, software application or animation. Submissions should demonstrate creativity or technical ingenuity in the design or creation of the artefact.

Entries are welcomed from any student, apprentice or their employer. The work should have been completed by the student or apprentice at some time between April 2013 and March 2014 while on placement or apprenticed.

Work undertaken as part of coursework while studying at an institution should be entered in the Little Chip Student Award.

Award History

The Little Chip Placement/Apprentice Award is a new category in 2014.