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Winner 2012

TBWA\Manchester with Join The Revolution


The judges said

Join The Revolution was a fantastic example of a brand exploiting the power of earned media to amplify a marketing campaign. Inviting customers to change their worlds highlighted the Co-Op's own CSR commitments so that the two messages became intertwined, creating far more traction than the paid-for campaign could managed on its own. The results were truly impressive, not only in terms of the improved brand perception the Co-Op was after, but also in terms of increased sales and the legacy of a community and a hub for the organization's CSR activity in the future

Entrant's description

The Co-operative was making new, industry-leading CSR commitments and wanted to engage and involve the public. The ‘Join the Revolution' launch used real-life case studies of individuals ‘changing their worlds'. At the heart of the multi-channel campaign was a search-optimised, social-integrated website. The site had deeper, sharable content in case studies, detail on The Co-operative's wider commitments, plus many ways to ‘get involved', including a competition with £5000 prizes. Over 300 entrants entered their ‘Revolutions' and asked supporters to vote and use their social networks to spread the word, attracting 60,000 public votes, and even a tweet from Stephen Fry!

2012 Criteria

The Grand Prix is chosen by the judges from all the shortlisted entries as the one that impressed them the most.

Award History

Winner 2011

Matmi with Optathlon


The judges said

The Grand Prix this year goes to a project that showed both innovation and a deep understanding of the needs of the client and the end-users. It matched platform to opportunity brilliantly, and in doing so unlocked millions of pounds in additional revenue for the client.

Entrant's description

In 2010, United Airlines decided to release its range of flight upgrade options to all passengers rather than Premium flyers only.

The challenge was that people didn't understand the flight upgrades until they'd tried them - and so the “Optathlon” campaign was born.

Passengers were directed to a suite of 5 online/mobile games where they could win the upgrades instantly. Each game represented a different upgrade.

As the campaign closed, the games had been played over 2 million times and 85,000 passengers won free upgrades, earning millions of dollars' worth of additional revenue for United Airlines.

Sponsor 2010


Marketing Manchester

Winner 2010

Lightbox Education with MP for a Week

Lightbox EducationLightbox Education

The judges said

The winner of this category delivered an ambitious and polished product to a difficult brief, going way beyond the expectations of the clients, stakeholders and the broader audience.

Entrant's description

The ‘MP for a Week' game places the player firmly in the shoes of an MP, experiencing first-hand the personal and professional dilemmas of a week in politics, taking responsibility for their decisions, and then seeing the implications on their careers. The drama is presented in an ever-changing environment, offering a diverse blend of strategy and experimentation, together with a high level of personalisation. A positive overall rating is the ultimate purpose of the game, just like the real thing. The game presents a uniquely credible and intriguing view of the political process.

Winner 2009

New Concept Gaming Limited with jOG

LABELNew Concept Gaming - Grand PrixjOG

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The judges said

This year's winner is a business that started life in a North West business incubator, was financed by a North West investment fund and has developed digital technology to both complement and challenge one of the biggest digital players in the world. Its projected world-wide sales orders since Jan this year are on target for 1m units.

Entrant's description

jOG is the ground breaking add-on controller for the Wii that detects lower body motion and brings a whole new dimension to your living room gaming experience. It lets you control your game character movement by jOGing on the spot. Simply plug it in and clip it to your belt and you are ready to start playing your games in a new, exciting and active way. jOG is fun, immersive, healthy, great value, easy to use and compatible with all existing video games that use the Nunchuk joystick to control game character movement.

Winner 2008

The Neighbourhood with Stories from the Neighbourhood

Winner 2007

The Neighbourhood with Love Your Neighbourhood