Senior Lecturer, University of Salford

Dr David Kreps Dr David Kreps is an 'early adopter', pioneering thinker and commentator, with a fascination for technology and its impact upon society. A web developer since 1995, he did his PhD thesis on Cyborgism, and has become an expert on Web Accessibility, and explorer into the philosophy of Virtuality.

As an Arts Centre Director for Tamworth Borough Council, and then Portsmouth City Council, during the 1990s, as Chair of Kaos Theatre from 1997 to 2008 and Chair of Horse and Bamboo between 2009 and 2011, and as Principal Investigator on the Combating eDiscrimination European Social Fund project into the accessibility of employment websites, and of the Salford team of the Digital Environment Home Energy Management System EU FP7 project (2008-11) David has managed a wide range of projects in the public sector. His background in Cultural Studies and Sociology foster a critical approach to his research in IS. David lectures in Mobile Application Development, Information Systems, and Digital Business at the University of Salford, and is engaged in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Sigma UK.