Joint winner

Cahoona with James Anderson 613


The judges said

The James Anderson 613 site houses a wealth of data in a design that had at least one judge purring with pleasure. It's as rich as it is elegant, taking its design cues from the game of cricket in a way that's both involving and clichթ-free.

Entrant's description

As fast bowler James Anderson celebrates 10 years in cricket, The James Anderson Benefit Committee have launched James Anderson 613; a website that lets cricket fans follow Jimmy's career through a series of beautiful infographics. The site was built using Django alongside Opta Sports data, enabling infographics to be updated in real time and giving fans unparalleled insights into the fundamentals of cricket. Each page view is a unique experience, with an unrepeatable opening animation, and subtle colour changes on each visit. The site demonstrates the potential of real-time vector graphics in changing how people experience sporting events online.

Joint winner

Smiling Wolf with Elevator Studios

Smiling WolfSmiling Wolf

The judges said

Smiling Wolf was equally beautiful but completely different. With a target audience of creatives, it had high standards to meet, and it did so with stunning photography and art direction that was both playful and cool.

Entrant's description

The website demonstrates the benefits for the creative industries of renting, rehearsing or simply hanging out in Liverpool's biggest creative hub; Elevator studios. The website shows how you might use your space through the use of nice big pictures and video, keeps you up to date with Elevator happenings through social media and is easy for the client to update via the CMS system.

Shortlist 2012

  • Cahoona with James Anderson 613
  • gyro and dolphin with Garden Scrapbook
  • Eskimo Creative with Manchester Design Symposium 2011
  • Smiling Wolf with Elevator Studios

2012 Criteria

Submissions should demonstrate how visual creativity has enhanced the appeal, effectiveness or usability of a project, product or service in any digital medium.

Award History

Winner 2011

Code Computerlove with Visual Design Brings Thrills Of Florida Theme Parks To Life

Code ComputerloveCode Computerlove

The judges said

With a project of this nature there are so many clichթs that a creative company could fall into, so this year's winner is especially deserving of the award for delivering a brilliant piece of work with stand-out visual style, cleverly integrated social media content and a user experience that was totally not what you'd expect.

Entrant's description is a stunning website with an innovative and visually exciting planning tool that allows Florida-bound UK travellers, heading for the theme park capital of the world, to explore SeaWorld Parks' attractions without even stepping onto a plane.

Within one month of going live, already over a quarter of all visitors to are using the “SeaWorld Experience Planner”, with dwell time on the site up by 50%. Plus a consistent look and feel across all four parks has also encouraged multi park ticket purchase across the SeaWorld footprint.

Shortlist 2011

  • Code Computerlove with Visual Design Brings Thrills Of Florida Theme Parks To Life
  • Matmi with Gorillaz: Escape to Plastic Beach
  • Music with
  • Stardotstar with The Real Wonder Women

Sponsor 2010

Orchard logo

Winner 2010

Digital Blah Blah with Adam Rix Website

Digital Blah BlahDigital Blah Blah

The judges said

All the judges praised the winner here for delivering a visually stunning and entertaining site which was beautifully architected. It seamlessly blended form and function to great effect, and it included excellent copywriting as a counterpoint to outstanding imagery.

Entrant's description

A website for independent creative Adam Rix. The most important part of the brief was that Adam wanted his work to be displayed to its maximum impact but he didn't want to compromise speed or have creative decisions impact on SEO benefits. That meant full screen images but no Flash. He also wanted the entire site to be driven by a CMS system.

Shortlist 2010

  • Cahoona with The Cahoona Website!
  • Digital Blah Blah with Adam Rix Website
  • Fudge with English Rose
  • RealtimeUK with LG 'Behind the Picture'

Winner 2009

LOVE with Love Website

LOVE - Best Use of Visual DesignLOVE - Best Use of Visual DesignLOVE website

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The judges said

"The winner of this award is no stranger to the Big Chip Awards. Their work just keeps getting better.

This winning site is wonderfully simple, clear, understated and totally irreverent. The agency responsible has managed to transform a format often littered with text, clipart and turgid ill considered messages into a sublime piece of visual communication

This site says everything the agency needs to say about their ability to deliver world class graphic design and precise communication. The judging panel liked it so much, they watched it three times"

Entrant's description

The self promotion website created for integrated design, digital and advertising agency LOVE. The tongue in cheek site was created entirely in the style of the ubiquitous Powerpoint presentation.


The judges also awarded a commendation to

Stardotstar with

Stardotstar - Commendation for Best Use of Visual DesignHear Manchester

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The judges said

A commendation in this category goes to an entry that not only had great photography, but also the courage to let it carry the site.

Shortlisted entries 2009

Winner 2008

Best Use of Visual Design was won in 2008 by Fudge with

Winner 2007

The Best Use of Visual Design was won in 2007 by Lightmaker Manchester with Liberty