The winner is...

eBusiness UK, RU Comfy

The judges said that paid search marketing should focus on achieving efficiencies and return on investment. Not only did the winner focus on keyword-based optimisation to increase page dominance, they examined the user journey and made improvements. By redesigning the website and e-commerce processes and encouraging customer interaction through the introduction of social media such as blogs and product wish lists, they managed to increase RU Comfy's ROI from search dramatically.

Best Use of SearchRUComfy

RU Comfy employed eBusiness UK to help promote its business online and, through the use of smart search engine optimisation techniques, they have managed to slash advertising bills by tens of thousands of pounds whilst seeing an increase in orders. RU Comfy was spending as much as £120,000 a year on pay-per-click advertising which, although effective, was proving costly. Through using eBusiness UK's expertise, RU Comfy has managed to cut its annual spend on PPC to a predicted £50,000 whilst still increasing its online traffic.

Sub-region: Lancashire


Last Year

The Best Search Targeting award was won last year by Fast Web Media with Fantasy Premier League

Judging Criteria

Entrants in this category should demonstrate how a project to attract appropriate and valued traffic from search has improved the ability of a business or other organisation with an on-line presence to achieve its objectives.