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Winner 2012

Hogrocket with Tiny Invaders


The judges said

Tiny Invaders delivered a polished game that was immediately addictive, fun to play for any age group, and intuitive to learn. As a self-funded and self-delivered game, it's a triumph both for the team behind it, and for independent game development in the North.

Entrant's description

Tiny Invaders is an intuitive and nimble-fingered action puzzler for touch screen devices. Set in the microscopic world of the human body you control a crazy band of tiny space germs sent from outer space to take over the world! You're tasked with discovering the quickest path through 75 body themed levels to jump from host to host and finally spread your tiny alien invasion to the President of the United States himself. Featured by Apple in their iPhone 4S announcement and as a benchmark game on the App Store Tiny Invaders continues to win many fans the world over.


Koko Digital with Zombies Ate My Phone!

Koko Digital

Entrant's description

In September 2011, Phones4U launched their “Missing our deals will haunt you!” campaign, made up from quirky horror themed TV commercials & ads. The brief was to extend this theme in the form of an online game, with the aim to increase brand awareness, social engagement, and to support data capture. The result is titled Zombies Ate My Phone. With a light version designed to go viral, and a Facebook version fully integrated into the brand's Facebook page, the game has gone on to receive a whopping 5 million hits since October 2011.

Shortlist 2012

  • Hogrocket with Tiny Invaders
  • Koko Digital with Zombies Ate My Phone!

2012 Criteria

Entrants in this category should demonstrate how the use of gaming - for example a mobile or viral game, or game-style rewards in a campaign - has improved the ability of a business or other organisation to achieve its objectives.

Award History

Best Use of Gaming is a new award category in 2012. Previously the Game of the North was aimed solely at games designed to be played for their own sake rather than an application of gaming for a different objective.

The criteria for Game of the North in 2011 were:

Submissions can be stand-alone electronic games working on any platform. Entrants should highlight how the game demonstrates innovation, outstanding design or “playability”. (Games which are part of a marketing project should be entered in the marketing category.)

Winner 2011

Distinctive Developments Ltd with Hockey Nations 2010

Distinctive Developments LtdDistinctive Developments Ltd

The judges said

This year's winner was truly hard to find fault with. It delivered a slick, polished game with superb graphics and game play, with the judges describing it as a top quality piece of work.

Entrant's description

Hockey Nations 2010 is a fast-paced and fun game that recreates the excitement and strategy of ice hockey on the small screen. The game features 14 international teams across 5 game modes wrapped up in smooth 3D graphics and realistic motion-captured animations. As the first full 6 on 6 Ice Hockey simulation released across key smartphone platforms, Hockey Nations 2010 was immediately embraced by the hockey fans and gamers alike across the globe. The continued success has enabled Distinctive to work closely with the fans to maintain its status as the #1 choice for international hockey gaming on mobile.

Shortlist 2011

  • Distinctive Developments Ltd with Dead Runner
  • Distinctive Developments Ltd with Hockey Nations 2010
  • Thumbstar Games with T-Racer HD

Winner 2010

Connect2Media with Arachnadoodle


The judges said

The winning game was a unanimous hit with the judges, due to its addictive game play, cute graphics and novel concept which perfectly matched its chosen platform.

Entrant's description

Fire Boris the spider around the screen, connect the pins and make a web. Then watch as the flies whiz past and get caught in the web. The better the web, the more flies you'll catch. It isn't rocket science, but it's a lot of fun! You will find Arachnadoodle hard to put down and as you spin your way through its 32 levels you'll encounter all sorts of obstacles in your quest for flys. With 32 rooms, over eight houses to explore you will be spinning webs for a very long time to come.

Shortlist 2010

  • Connect2media with Arachnadoodle

The judges set a minimum standard for shortlisting any Big Chip category and felt only one of the game entries met this standard. That does not mean however that they will make this entry a winner.

Winner 2009

Evolution Studios with Motorstorm: Pacific Rift

LABELMotorstorm: Pacific Rift

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The judges said

The judges chose the winner here out of a very high quality line up mainly because it really pushed the boundary not only in graphical terms but in terms of effects, gameplay, connectivity and how they have taken the franchise forward. The game is so much more than a sequel with more immersive gameplay, lots more courses, loads of new features and a much more balanced game.

Entrant's description

"Brutal Off Road racing on a Dangerous and Unpredictable Tropical Island
MotorStorm's unique mix of 8 differing vehicle classes, now including the Monster Truck
16 multi-route, multi-surface race tracks.
Including fully intractable water, vegetation and lava
336 vehicles to unlock and race.
Unpredictable Race Events
New attack manoeuvres; punch, ram, duck and bunny hop
4 player Split Screen Play
Immersive Online Experience
Photo Mode
Trophies & Rewards
Festival backdrop & soundtrack
All in High definition"


The judges also awarded a commendation to:

Connect2media with Guitar Hero Backstage Pass

LABELGuitar Hero Backstage Pass
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The judges said

An entry that was great to play on the platform they built it for.

Specialist judging team for the Game of the North Award

Shortlist 2009

Winner 2008

Game of the North was won in 2008 by Pi Eye Games with DarkSide