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Winner 2015

Kilogramme with Tall Tales pt2

Kilogramme Kilogramme

The judges said

This animation is impossible not to love - charming, funny and beautiful craft skills, world class!

Entrant's description

"This is one of a series of shorts we make in our spare time. The shorts are based on half truths and lies told to children. They are also an opportunity for people to try out new techniques and styles. We have a small but dedicated team, who get a kick out of seeing what we can do."


  • Flipbook with Taste Inc Online Commercials
  • Kilogramme with Tall Tales pt2
  • Mackinnon & Saunders Digital with Komixx Entertainment Ltd with Animated Preschool series - Wanda and the Alien
  • Tom Rainford with a film promoting disability assistance.


An entry in this category can be any animation created exclusively using digital techniques and delivered via a digital medium. Entrants should demonstrate exceptional innovation, creativity or originality.



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