The winner is...

The Neighbourhood, Stories from the Neighbourhood

The winner entranced the judges with its imagination, flair and brio. They loved its affectionate references to older forms and the way it integrated influences such as the Hawaiian craze of the 1950s and Yellow Submarine into a warm, dynamic, playful whole.

Best Use of AnimationStories from the Neighbourhood

Our 'Stories from the Neighbourhood' animation has evolved from our passion for storytelling and inventing new worlds and environments. Produced as a self promotional DVD mailer to coincide with the launch of our new website we also designed and built bespoke 'pop up' sleeves for their distribution.

Sub-region: Greater Manchester

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Last Year

The Best Animation award was won last year by The Neighbourhood

Judging Criteria

This category is open to any animation created exclusively using digital techniques and delivered via a digital medium. Entrants should demonstrate exceptional innovation, creativity or originality.