Winner 2012

Status Digital

Status DigitalStatus Digital

The judges said

Launching a new agency is challenging at the best of times; doing so in the harsh economic climate of the winter of 2011 was very tough indeed. So the judges were particularly impressed with the way Status Digital managed its launch, keeping its retained clients and recruiting new ones, and hitting all its financial targets in the process.

Shortlist 2012

  • Givey
  • Status Digital

2012 Criteria

This category is open to any freelancer/contractor or enterprise that has started in business since March 2011 and is based in the North. The award recognises enterprises that show particular promise of becoming successful.

Award History

Winner 2011



The judges said

Building a new business during recession is no easy task, yet this company has tripled staff and doubled revenues in the last year. Award winners already, despite their youth, the judges were happy to add another trophy to their mantelpiece.

Shortlist 2011

  • cahoona
  • Flipbook
  • Umpf

Sponsor 2010


Winner 2010

The judges said

This year saw a strong field of newcomers; some tentative first-time racers, others hitting the ground running, with world-class campaigns delivered straight out of the blocks. The winner took a new approach to an old problem, using the unique properties of the internet to bring what was once only available to big companies with reach of any small or medium-sized business.

Shortlist 2010

  • 4i Security
  • Cahoona
  • Digital Blah Blah
  • PiP Interactive
  • web Video Marketing ltd (webVM)

Winner 2009


LABELAdInsight - Best NewcomerAdInsight

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The judges said

Closing the loop between online and offline conversion is one of the key challenges facing advertisers as digital media grows in importance. The winner here tackles this problem in a way accessible to both advertisers and media agencies alike and the judges said they're looking forward to further innovation in this space from the company behind it.

Entrant's description

AdInsight is one of the most advanced call tracking solution available in the UK which allows businesses to track each of their advertising campaigns through to a lead or sale and inject that information into a web analytics platform like Google Analytics.

AdInsight displays all the call data graphically on a web interface, which helps businesses quickly:

• Identify which adverts generate the best ROI, so they can optimise their advertising spend accordingly.

• Helps them increase their profitability by allowing them optimising and test their ad copy for better conversion rates.

• Identify staffing problems.

• And more.

Shortlisted entries 2009

Winner 2008

Best Newcomer is a new category in 2009.

Best Freelancer/Micro-enterprise was won in 2008 by Flashtemple