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Winner 2012

Mosquito Digital with Auto Trader iPhone App

Mosquito DigitalMosquito Digital

The judges said

The winner in this category was a real powerhouse. The judges loved the way it married the mobile platform to user need, they were impressed with the functionality and the user experience, and they were blown away by the results.

Entrant's description

The Auto Trader iPhone app was designed to offer greater functionality and gain wider distribution through a heavily used mobile platform: iOS. The app had an extensive interaction and user experience design phase, to ensure a positive user experience through fast searches, easy saving of vehicles, GPS and enhanced functionality to find cars from both private and dealers. The app offered an enhanced data storage facility (my Garage) and a Dealer look up service. The app had to be developed to deal with enormous concurrent demands of Auto Trader's user data requests (90+ servers run to support the data demand).


Cupple with Cupple


Entrant's description

Cupple ia the private sharing app for 2 people in a relationship. Cupple reduces the uncertainty around sharing to broader social networks and eliminates lost contact between two people by creating a private platform to share. Cupple increases our understanding about how people in a relationship communicate using mobile.

Shortlist 2012

  • Apposing with CSL Sofas Augmented Reality iPhone App
  • Cupple with Cupple
  • Mosquito Digital with Auto Trader iPhone App

2012 Criteria

Submissions should demonstrate how the use of mobile devices has enabled the execution of a project, product or service, or has been used to increase its effectiveness in delivering business or other tangible objectives.

Award History

Winner 2011

Matmi with Optathlon


The judges said

The judges were very impressed by this project which enabled customers to access new and exciting offers while enjoying games on their mobile phone. It ended up being played over 2 million times. A truly remarkable effort and great use of the mobile platform.

Entrant's description

In 2010, United Airlines decided to release its range of flight upgrade options to all passengers rather than Premium flyers only.

The challenge was that people didn't understand the flight upgrades until they'd tried them - and so the “Optathlon” campaign was born.

Passengers were directed to a suite of 5 online/mobile games where they could win the upgrades instantly. Each game represented a different upgrade.

As the campaign closed, the games had been played over 2 million times and 85,000 passengers won free upgrades, earning millions of dollars' worth of additional revenue for United Airlines.

Shortlist 2011

  • Digital Cools with Manchester Comedy Festival
  • Matmi with Optathlon
  • mediaburst with Florence

Best Mobile Project was a new award in 2011.