Winners and Shortlist 2012

The Big Chip judges set a standard against which they judge entries for shortlisting (rather than simply picking the best entries). In 2012 they felt that none of the entries for this category met this standard. There is therefore no winner either.

2012 Criteria

An entry in this category can be any application of digital technology that has directly or indirectly helped improve or preserve the environment, or any digital project that is exemplary in achieving its goals in an environmentally sustainable way. For example, a project that encourages or helps people to reduce their carbon footprint using a digital medium, or the application of digital technology significantly to reduce the environmental impact of a product or service. Entrants should demonstrate how the digital project or application of digital technology has helped improve or preserve the environment, or in what way it is exemplary.

Award History

Winner 2011

The DTP Group with Knight Frank sees TCO plunge 90 per cent with DTP

The DTP GroupThe DTP Group

The judges said

This category has been won by a project that had an immediate, tangible and measurable effect on a company's business. The judges were impressed by a reduction in carbon footprint of 90% achieved at the same time as an overall improvement in business processes.

Entrant's description

Knight Frank wanted to replace its ageing servers and unreliable storage environment to drive down Total Cost of Ownership (TCO, energy consumption whilst boosting server utilisation and storage capacity yet still reducing its Carbon Footprint.

Shortlist 2011

  • UCLan with Server virtualisation.....for greener education
  • SUNDE Technologies Ltd with Providing Solutions for Challenging Times
  • The DTP Group with Knight Frank sees TCO plunge 90 per cent with DTP

Winner 2010

The DTP Group with Managed Print and Copy Services at Leeds Metropolitan University

The DTP GroupThe DTP Group

The judges said

The award in this category goes to a project that identified a problem and solved it in a simple way, halving energy bills, reducing wastage by a third and still managing to cut prices to users.

Entrant's description

The DTP Group implemented a Managed Print and Copy Services Solution at Leeds Metropolitan University. Leeds Metropolitan University wanted to replace its fragmented technology mix of printers and copiers with a consolidated and unified print solution that would reduce costs, improve services, reduce its carbon footprint and better meet the needs of both students and staff.

Shortlist 2010

  • The DTP Group with Managed Print & Copy Services at Leeds Metropolitan University

The judges set a minimum standard for shortlisting any Big Chip category and felt only one of the Big Green Chip entries met this standard. That does not mean however that they will make this entry a winner.

(This website previously reported that there were no shortlisted entries for this category. This was an error. The organisers apologise for the confusion.)

Winner 2009

Melbourne with Melbourne's Green Initiative

LABELMelbourne's Green Initiative

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The judges said

At a time when every aspect of our lives is coming under scrutiny for its environmental impact, this award goes to a company that has improved user experience while cutting power consumption, cooling requirements, and carbon footprint by using the latest technology.

Entrant's description

Melbourne Network Solutions is a server hosting company that has implemented a number of substantial green initiatives for its general and digital media client base over the course of the past year.
The implementation of virtualisation, cold aisle containment and its' unique UltraCloud™ energy-saving servers has made a real environmental impact at its wholly owned data centre in Manchester.
Melbourne estimates that all three initiatives, including blanking plates to reduce cold air loss for cooling, has saved 20% in power costs, which equates to around 400 tonnes of CO2 per annum (based on annual power consumption of 3766800 KWh of power)

Shortlisted entries 2009

Winner 2008

The Big Green Chip Award was won in 2008 by Higgins and Bowers Freelance for the Development of Slipstream Energy Web Site

Winner 2007

The Big Green Chip Award was introduced for the first time in 2008. In 2007 the most closely related award in 2007 was the Best Use of Homeworking, which was won by Yuuguu