Winner 2015

Lamplight Studios with A Pixel Story

Lamplight Studios Lamplight Studios

The judges said

Armed with their their Magical Teleportation Hats, the Judges were delighted by this 2D puzzle platformer which charts the evolution of video games

Entrant's description

"A Pixel Story is a 2D puzzle platformer where the player embarks on an epic quest through a giant fantastical computer system. As the player progresses, and gets closer to the core of The System, they will find themselves exploring increasingly detailed worlds, mimicking and observing the developments in video games over time. Using the primary mechanic of the player’s special hat, that allows them to save a location and teleport back to it, the player can explore a colourful and diverse world, explore 6 large levels, interact with a diverse range of NPCs and, of course, save the world."


  • Eiconic Games with Final Horizon
  • Lamplight Studios with A Pixel Story
  • Mosquito & Zoflora with Hidden World of Bacteria
  • Playdemic with Gang Nations
  • Rhythm and ThirtyThree with DB-Play, A Different Dimensions game for Deutsche Bank
  • Stardotstar with Junior Vets On Call Game


This category is open to all types of game including console, mobile and pc games, or the use of gaming in a campaign. Entrants should demonstrate, creativity, originality and compelling or addictive gameplay that has either had success commercially as pure entertainment, or that has enabled a business or other organisation to achieve its objectives.


2014 and before

Best Game replaced Best Use of Gaming in 2015.

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