Winner 2012

Digital Cavalier

Digital CavalierDigital Cavalier

The judges said

To win this award, you've got to show outstanding work, which Digital Cavalier did. But with so many great freelancers around, you've got to do more than that. What really impressed the judges here was the way the winner made it easy for his clients to follow his designs and get the most out of them, even when he'd left the project.

Shortlist 2012

  • Digital Cavalier
  • Paul Smith
  • Phil Thompson
  • Creativewax

2012 Criteria

This category is open to any freelancer/contractor or enterprise with five or fewer employees or partners that has been working for a year or more in the digital sector in the North. Nominations are welcome from third parties. The award recognises exceptional professionalism, innovation, originality or efficiency.

Award History

Winner 2011

Digital Blah Blah Ltd

Digital Blah Blah LtdDigital Blah Blah Ltd

The judges said

The judges felt that the winner in this category stood out among a very strong group of entries as consistently leading the field and producing fine and innovative work.


Sam Easterby-Smith

Sam Easterby-SmithSam Easterby-Smith

The judges said

Excellent, very high-profile work.

Shortlist 2011

  • Andrew Disley
  • Digital Blah Blah
  • Digital Cavalier
  • Sam Easterby-Smith

Winner 2010

Digital Blah Blah

Digital Blah BlahDigital Blah Blah

The judges said

This individual demonstrated a real depth and diversity to his work. He's a creative soul whose CV reads like a directory of the top agencies and who has now branched out for himself, a true blue-sky thinker who transposes ideas into innovative graphics.

Shortlist 2010

  • Digital Blah Blah
  • Fat Heads Creative Studio
  • Kilogramme
  • Moo Marketing
  • Rob Hayward

Winner 2009

Matt Booth - Flashtemple

LABELFlashtemple Matt Booth - Best Freelancer/Micro EnterpriseFlashtemple

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The judges said

The winner's enthusiasm - not to mention his prolific work and networking activities - had a major impact on the Judges this year. From the breathless, playful yet professional copy on his home page to the growing portfolio of work, he has demonstrated a combination of craft and creativity which results in visual appeal, audience relevance and testimonials from clients which we'd all love to have.

Shortlisted entries 2009

Winner 2008

Best Freelancer/Micro-enterprise was won in 2008 also by Flashtemple

Winner 2007

The Best Freelancer/Microenterprise was won lin 2007 by Radium Audio