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Winner 2012

TBWA\Manchester with Join The Revolution


The judges said

Join The Revolution was a multi-platform campaign aimed at increasing engagement with the Co-operative. The judges were impressed with the way all the media drove traffic to the social space, and with the level of involvement customers showed once there. More importantly, those engaged customers went on to transact across the Co-Op's family of businesses, delivering a positive return on investment.

Entrant's description

The Co-operative was making new, industry-leading CSR commitments and wanted to engage and involve the public. The ‘Join the Revolution' launch used real-life case studies of individuals ‘changing their worlds'. At the heart of the multi-channel campaign was a search-optimised, social-integrated website. The site had deeper, sharable content in case studies, detail on The Co-operative's wider commitments, plus many ways to ‘get involved', including a competition with £5000 prizes. Over 300 entrants entered their ‘Revolutions' and asked supporters to vote and use their social networks to spread the word, attracting 60,000 public votes, and even a tweet from Stephen Fry!

Shortlist 2012

  • Amaze with Casting out the net for Saucy Fish Co.
  • Design By Music with Music Christmas Campaign 2011
  • TBWA\Manchester with Join The Revolution
  • Tokyo Digital with Xmas in November

2012 Criteria

An entry in this category must include a significant use of online or digital technology to promote a product or service. Campaigns could include online advertising, viral marketing, email marketing, SMS campaigns and integrated on and offline campaigns. Entrants should demonstrate the effectiveness of the campaign in generating business (for the commissioning organization), directly or indirectly.

Award History

Sponsor 2011

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Winner 2011

Matmi with Optathlon


The judges said

This award goes to a company that has shown innovation, humour and above all great quality work. The judges instantly agreed that this was the stand-out campaign among a number of fantastic entries. The use of mobile gaming and how it was integrated into the overall campaign will surely pave the way for future digital marketing campaigns.

Entrant's description

In 2010, United Airlines decided to release its range of flight upgrade options to all passengers rather than Premium flyers only.

The challenge was that people didn't understand the flight upgrades until they'd tried them - which created the “Optathlon” campaign.

Free advergames enabled passengers to experience and win free flight upgrades. A microsite hosted online versions for maximum exposure, and by playing the mobile versions, passengers could play to win an upgrade before boarding.

The games have been played over 2 million times and 85,000 passengers won free upgrades, earning millions of dollars' worth of additional revenue for United Airlines.

Shortlist 2011

  • Fast Web Media with Cobra Beer National Curry week
  • IAS b2b Marketing with A digital revolution
  • Matmi with Optathlon

Sponsor 2010

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Winner 2010

iris Manchester with Wonderbra - Ultimate Strapless

iris Manchesteriris Manchester

The judges said

This year's winner won the judges' full support for a campaign gracefully executed and pitched just right for the target audience. With a great microsite as well as social media activities, it highly deserves this year's award.

Entrant's description

Until recently launching a product without the use of traditional media would be unthinkable. There's nothing wrong with shouting about your new arrival in this way. What if you don't want to shout? What if you want to build momentum, spread the word, in a more targeted and efficient way? Would you be brave enough to launch your most revolutionary products in years, a strapless bra that actually works and something women have been crying out for, with JUST a microsite, digital marketing, and PR for support? The Ultimate Strapless. No straps. No traditional above-the-line support. Just record sales.

Shortlist 2010

  • iris Manchester with Wonderbra - Ultimate Strapless
  • Mobious with Carling Weekly Email
  • PushON and Brazen PR with 30 Beats: Mechanical Music

Winner 2009

LOVE with Doctor Martens

LABELDr Martens

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The judges said

Digital Marketing requires the pretty obvious intersection of digital and marketing but it's seldom that agencies actually get the balance right. The winning work here struck exactly the right chord, encouraging 25,000 people to create a design online, 1 million people to vote and over 3 million page views within a 3 month period. And it delivered a 500% increase in audience from last year's award-winning campaign.

Entrant's description

Dr Martens wanted to reconnect and increase relevance of their brand to the younger audience. Technology enabled this to happen instantly and globally with an online competition to find the design for the next 1460 boot. Building on the success of the previous year, they launched a second round in 2008, giving people the chance to leave their mark on two blank iconic canvasses. Round two of The Brief also had two winners with one selected by the public and another by an industry panel. Additional campaigning tools enabled entrants to display designs in their own personal web spaces.


The judges also awarded a commendation to:

Axon Garside Creative with The Factory

LABELAxon Garside - Commendation for Best Digital Marketing CampaignThe Factory

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The judges said

This was an entry that made us laugh out loud, bringing a potentially dry subject to life.

Shortlisted entries 2009

Winner 2008

Best Digital Marketing and Brand Development was won in 2008 by Love Creative with design a boot.

Winner 2007

The Best Digital Marketing Campaign was won by Pavilion Communications with Lifeworks