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Lifeworks screenshot

Winner: Lifeworks (screen shots)

Agency: Pavilion Communication

Pavilion Communication was asked to produce a campaign to launch Lifeworks, Siemens Enterprise Communications' strategic vision of the future of communications. The campaign had to be non-technical and business-focused, and needed to engage with senior IT decision-makers, encouraging 150 of them to enter a dialogue with Siemens.

Pavilion's response was an integrated, multi-platform campaign that included a website including video elements and a podcast, online advertising, direct mail, paid search, email and an events programme.

The campaign was hugely successful, beating all its targets. The judges particularly liked the way the online advertising and video elements worked on the page, and they were impressed with the targeting, which they felt was exactly right for what is traditionally a very difficult market to engage.

Photos of Pavilion receiving their awards


  • HMV Deal Of The Day / Code Computerlove - The campaign was designed to drive traffic, grow HMV's email database and increase DVD sales by promoting discounts via daily emails.
  • Great New World / McCann-i - An online competition designed to encourage British travellers to explore the US and find out more about landmarks they can visit.
  • Open Communications / Pavilion Communication - The global launch of a multi-channel brand Campaign for Siemens Enterprise Communications.