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LOVE, Design A Boot

This category was all about results. Love's competition for Dr Marten's saw 11,000 different designs entered in the two-month period from people in 88 different countries. 117,000 votes were cast for the designs, and the site has so far seen 1.8m page views. The judges said it was visually stylish, showed great engagement with its customer base of creative young people, and led to some great designs.

Best Digital MarketingLove speechDesign a Boot


Dr Martens wanted to reconnect and increase relevance of the Dr Martens brand to the younger audience. The classic 1460 boot is the iconic symbol of Dr Martens. For years, people have personalised their Docs - the boot therefore became the iconic canvas upon which people could create and showcase their opinions and individuality. Technology enables this to happen instantly on a global scale, so the solution was to launch a global online competition to find the design for the next 1460 boot, which would be made and would go on sale internationally.

Sub-region: Greater Manchester


Creative Cultures

This entry stood out for the way it attracted a significant audience from a standing start, targeting the audience with exactly the right choice of media.

Best Digital Marketing (Commended)We Love Space


Last Year's winner

Judging Criteria

An entry in this category must include a significant use of online or digital technology to promote a product or service, or develop or build a brand. Campaigns could include online advertising, viral marketing, email marketing, SMS campaigns and integrated on and offline campaigns. Entrants should demonstrate the effectiveness of the campaign in generating business (for the commissioning organization), directly or indirectly, or strengthening the brand and its values.