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The judges loved this, with one describing it as revolutionary. They were captivated by the simplicity of the idea, and by the way it was put into practice. And as soon as they saw it working, they were buzzing with enthusiasm ways it could be used.

Big Chip International Award for InnovationPhoneFromHere speechPhoneFromHere.com


"Voice remains the most efficient human interface. No other means allows people to communicate complex ideas so quickly. PhoneFromHere.com brings voice communication to the web, and makes it as easy as just speaking. This isn't like Skype or Click-to-Call. There's no software, no configuration, no forms and no phones. You just talk, and the webpage becomes your handset. You can talk to individuals or whole communities.

The service is currently available for iGoogle, MySpace, LinkedIn and Tesco's internet phone. It forms a key part of the Twiddla.com online collaboration tool, winner of an innovation award at SXSW 2008."


The Big Chip International Award for Innovation celebrates 10 years of Big Chip and 60 years since the invention of the first stored program computer in Manchester.

This category is open to any project from anywhere in the world. Anyone can nominate their own project, or a project executed by a third party.

Special guest judge Alisdair Rawsthorne joined the judging panel for this prestigious award


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Judging Criteria

Nominated projects must demonstrate exceptional innovation in digital media or digital technology. Example projects might be a new on-line service, a new use of digital technology in a product or service, or a new Internet business model.