2018 Award


The judges said

StreamAMG is not just about delivering reliable video streams but everything around it. Giving their customers control of the whole experience and letting them decide what to offer and what to monetise – a compelling proposition for rights holders.

Entrant's description

StreamAMG (Advanced Media Group) provides European companies with global online video solutions. Our solutions cover a wide range of applications, allowing clients to manage, distribute and monetise their content. Our main sectors are: Sports, Education, Corporate, Government/NGO and Media. Our client list is second to none, and includes the BBC, Google, European Council and 80% of the English Premier League. By aligning solutions to objectives, and pricing accordingly, we help clients reach larger audiences and generate higher revenues.


  • Doris IT
  • KMP Digitata
  • Helpthemove Limited
  • e3creative
  • Mabo Media
  • Shop Local Club Card


This award recognises digital businesses that have consistently delivered exceptional products and services through professionalism, originality or innovation in the use of digital platforms or technology. Submissions should demonstrate how they have improved service levels, quality, profitability or other objectives.


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