2013 Award

Winner 2013



The judges said

RO Eye is an agency specialising in affiliate program management. The judges praised its focus on metrics and clear return on investment, and were wowed by the amazing results and growth it showed.




2013 Shortlist

  • e3creative
  • Mediaworks Online Marketing
  • R.O.EYE
  • Stardotstar


This award recognises agencies that have delivered exceptional results for clients through professionalism, originality or innovation in the use of digital platforms or technology.

This award is a separate entry category in 2013 for the first time - previously the winner was chosen from entrants who had work shortlisted for other awards. The category focuses on work delivered for clients during the year.

Award History

Before 2013 the Big Chip Digital Agency award was chosen by the judges from the entrants for other categories.

Winner 2012

Code Computerlove

Code Computerlove

The judges said

Code's two category wins this year highlight two keys aspects of the agency's work - its deep understanding of technology and its ability to apply that understanding to achieve outstanding commercial results for clients. The judges once again praised the high quality of the agency's output, and said it remained a standard-bearer for the digital sector in the region.

2012 Criteria

The Big Chip Digital Agency award is given by the judges to the agency they feel has done the best digital work during the year. The judges choose from all the shorlisted entries where the entrant has indicated that they want to be considered for this award.

This award was previously known as the Big Chip New Media Agency Award.

Winner 2011



The judges said

What makes an agency stand out is great work, and the winner of this year's agency of the year award has two projects in particular to be proud of. Both of them demonstrated innovation linked to high quality content, put at the service of an enticing user experience, and both of them delivered excellent results.

Winner 2010



The judges said

The Big Chip agency of the year for 2010 has built a reputation for engaging animations and quirky humour, but its work is also elegant, effective and precisely targeted at its audience. This year the agency is behind two of the individual category winners, and the judges were unanimous this this should be their year.

Winner 2009

Love Creative

LABELLOVE - New Media AgencyLOVE website

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The judges said

There are a lot of ways to evaluate an agency's success, but in the end it all comes down to the work. The winner in this category impressed the judges with its innovation, imagination and execution, while the results they've achieved for their clients speak for themselves.

Winner 2008

The winner of the New Media Agency award in 2008 was also Love Creative

Winner 2007

The winner of the New Media Agency award in 2007 was Code Computerlove