2018 Award

Flow Creative with BBC Ideas - The Trouble with Groupthink

The judges said

This entry communicates a very difficult concept in a very clear and concise way with compelling visuals, that appeal to everyone.

Entrant's description

Open Study College wanted a bold and striking animation creating to mark their 10th anniversary, celebrating their key successes in that time. The animation had to feel positive and upbeat and work with the client’s existing branding, but also move it forward to incorporate a more illustrative style. Following the success of the anniversary animation we then created a series of related animations for a digital billboard campaign.


  • Thompson Brand Partners with MindMate Real Stories
  • Flipbook Studio with Tropico 6 Cinematic Launch Trailer
  • Tomfoolery Ltd with 'Re-Root' - a short animation for Tree House Liverpool
  • Music with Joe Coleman Website getcoleman.com


An entry in this category can be any digital project, product or service. Entrants should demonstrate exceptional creativity, originality and flair in the use of visual design or animation to create an impact.