2013 Award

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Winner 2013

Apadmi with BBC iPlayer Radio App


The judges said

The iPlayer radio app was the clear winner in this category. The high production values and great features make this app a pleasure to use but importantly, also help to make BBC Radio's deep well of content all the more apparent and accessible. This is an app that actually gives the radio lover a different and useful window into BBC Radio.

Entrant's description

Apadmi was responsible for the development, test and delivery of the new BBC Radio iPlayer app that launched on October 8th 2012. The app reached Number 1 in the Apple App Store with a 4.5* app rating, attracting 1m downloads in just first two months. The app has generated record-breaking audiences for BBC Radio since its launch with around six million UK unique weekly browsers, an increase of 30 per cent compared to October 2011 and with nearly a third of traffic from mobiles and tablets.


Gospelware with VACS Mobile Snapshot


Entrant's description

GDM's VACS® Mobile SnapShot provides the opportunity to capture critical images, video and audio for use in the healthcare industry. From the initial point-of-care, all the way through to patient discharge, Mobile Snapshot provides first responders, clinicians and nurses the ability to capture and share pictures and video within a secure VACS® environment quickly and easily from anywhere within the system, anytime. VACS® Mobile SnapShot provides mobile access to the greater VACS® system that is currently in existence in many hospitals throughout the USA.

2013 Shortlist

  • Apadmi with BBC iPlayer Radio App
  • AsOne Design with Soul Nutrition: inspiring happiness and well being
  • CheethamBell JWT with Discover the Story
  • Gospelware with VACS Mobile Snapshot
  • OneFile with OneFile Nomad

2013 Criteria

Submissions should demonstrate how the application of original, new, or advanced digital technology has enabled the execution of a project, product or service, or has been used to increase its effectiveness in delivering business or other tangible objectives.

Award History

Joint Winners 2012

Joint winner: Cybertill with Cybertill's Advanced Gift Aid Solution for Charity Retailers


The judges said

Cybertill's Advanced Gift Aid solution automates the Gift Aid process at the software level, making it easy for charity retailers to comply with the strict guidelines involved and dramatically increasing the amount of money they can bring in.

Entrant's description

Many charities now reclaim gift aid on donated goods in their charity shops. Gift-Aid allows charities to reclaim the tax paid on donated goods by UK taxpayers (with donors' consent), typically 25p in every pound. HMRC has set out strict guidelines on the procedures around gift aid and the reclaim process is administratively intensive. Cybertill has introduced Advanced Gift Aid software, which integrates with its retail point of sale system, and this automates gift aid processes for charities and in addition guarantees to eradicate all missed gift aid sales and increase the revenue a charity takes through gift aid.

Joint winner: Tyneside Cinema with Time Machine

Tyneside CinemaTyneside Cinema

The judges said

Time Machine is an alternate reality game that educates 9 to 12 year-olds about the history of the Tyneside Cinema. The success of this project was less about the technology used and more about how it was used to introduce kids to the sheer joy of discovery.

Entrant's description

Time Machine is an alternate reality game engaging 9-12 year-old school children with the history of Tyneside Cinema. It starts as a web-based classroom experience and culminates in an unforgettable visit to the country's last surviving newsreel theatre where children must save the building from an evil foe. Time Machine wraps a fictional storyline around the Cinema's real heritage and offers a series of unique learning activities. The experience is at the cutting edge of education and entertainment and is the first time an ARG has been used by a cultural venue to deliver learning directly into the classroom.

Shortlist 2012

  • Chris Thelwell with ruul. Screen ruler
  • Cybertill with Cybertill's Advanced Gift Aid Solution for Charity Retailers
  • Tyneside Cinema with Time Machine
  • uniform with Sweet Tweet

2012 Criteria

Submissions should demonstrate how the application of original, new, or advanced digital technology has enabled the execution of a project, product or service, or has been used to increase its effectiveness in delivering business or other tangible objectives.

Award History

Winner 2011

Stardotstar and All Out Productions with Radio 1 on IPTV (concept project)

Stardotstar and All Out ProductionsStardotstar and All Out Productions

The judges said

The judges described the winner in this category as a fascinating and innovative project. It showed a profound understanding of its target medium and how it should be transformed by the internet, rather than just how it could be.

Entrant's description

With the advent of IPTV, interface designers are beginning to explore how lean forwards interactivity can take place in the sit back environment of living room and sofa. This concept project commissioned by BBC and Vision + Media goes one step further: what should Radio 1 look like on television, and how should that be interacted with?

Our concept project explores the relationship we have with radio, and a successful IPTV app needs to fit in with very differing user needs. Running the risk of making crap telly out of radio, we're happy to achieved good looking radio.

Shortlist 2011

  • Dictate2Us with d2u Transcriber
  • Mando Group with Light Up SharePoint
  • Marketing Manchester with Manchester Visitor Information Centre Microsoft Surfaces
  • Stardotstar with Radio 1 on IPTV (concept project)

Winner 2010

Stardotstar with Nosey Parker


The judges said

People who work in technology are accustomed to a chorus of complaint from our friends and loved ones - Why does new stuff always have to be so difficult to use?" So the judges were delighted to recognise a genuinely compelling use of new technology - indeed, our winner has already received the highest form of flattery - imitation by a HUGE competitor!"

Entrant's description

Nosey Parker iPhone app helps people find the closest, cheapest or safest car park anywhere in the UK. With a database of over 13,450 car parks and 1.8 million spaces, it can save you time, petrol and money! In the first week of launch on the app store, the app was purchased over 2266 times, rose to position 21 in the over all UK App Store, and became the 32nd highest grossing app in the UK for a number of days. (Note: End of week two 5078 purchases)

Shortlist 2010

  • 4i Security with The OMC Online Security System
  • Code Computerlove with Digital technologies for online automated tailoring service
  • myebook Ltd with myebook.com
  • Scraperwiki Ltd with Scraperwiki
  • Stardotstar with Nosey Parker
  • PiP Interactive with PiP Interactive

Winner 2009

New Concept Gaming Limited with jOG

LABELNew Concept Gaming - Best Application of TechnologyjOG

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The judges said

We were very impressed by this extremely inventive addition to an existing, and world-leading, gaming technology. It's a simple idea executed through an innovative combination of techniques, and it literally adds a new dimension to the user experience.

Entrant's description

jOG is the ground breaking add-on controller for the Wii that detects lower body motion and brings a whole new dimension to your living room gaming experience. It lets you control your game character movement by jOGing on the spot. Simply plug it in and clip it to your belt and you are ready to start playing your games in a new, exciting and active way. jOG is fun, immersive, healthy, great value, easy to use and compatible with all existing video games that use the Nunchuk joystick to control game character movement.

Shortlisted entries 2009

Winner 2008

Best Application of Technology was won in 2008 by Trader Media Digital, Used Vehicle Search Implementation

Winner 2007

The Best Application of Technology was a new category in 2008. There were two related categories in 2007: