Anthony Wilson

This award is In honour of the late Tony Wilson, well known for his work in so many fields as a presenter, journalist, founder of the world-famous Hacienda club, and joint founder of Factory Records.

Tony was a committed supporter of the North West digital industries and from 2002-2007 he was the much-loved compere of the Big Chip Awards. He left his mark on the awards, which continue to celebrate the best work from the most exciting small and new businesses as well as the bigger and long established stalwarts of the Northern digital scene.

Winner 2016

Tom Rainford Animations with Animated series for the US Toy Industry Association

Tom Rainford Animations with Animated series for the US Toy Industry Association Tom Rainford Animations with Animated series for the US Toy Industry Association

Entrant's description

The Genius of Plays is a series of 9 animated films that reveal the life skills children acquire through play. Based on research with thought leaders from Harvard, MIT and TED, the films depict ordinary playtime with on screen call-outs to show what the kids are learning amidst the fun.

Presented in a bright, mixed-media format, the films utilise both 3D and 2D animation, as well as traditional printmaking and pencil techniques.

The series accumulated over 2 million views on Youtube in the first 6 months.

Matt Miller

The Anthony Wilson Award in 2016 was chosen by celebrated UX/UI designer, Matt "Mills" Miller.


The special guest judge can choose any entry which has been shortlisted for one of the other awards. The choice may reflect what the judge considers that Anthony Wilson might have chosen, or just the entry that impressed or appealed the most.

Mills said

I'm a parent of two young kids and also co-founder of a company that builds digital product based businesses, as well as mobile games that children play. And there lies the conundrum. We've recently removed iPads from my childrens' (and my own) lives because of the more negative consequences of over reliance and usage - and we’ve gone back to basics as a family focusing on old school playtime. This video series just hit me as one big reminder about the importance of remaining focused on reality and our existence within the real physical world. I also absolutely loved the animations… they were truly enticing

From 2016 the award will simply be known as the Anthony Wilson Award. In previous years it was called the Anthony Wilson Original Modern Award.

Winner 2015

Rhythm and ThirtyThree with DB-Play, A Different Dimensions game for Deutsche Bank

Rhythm and ThirtyThree Rhythm and ThirtyThree

Special Guest Judge Malcolm Garrett said

"The Original Modern Award goes to Rhythm and ThirtyThree - DB-Play, A Different Dimensions game for Deutsche Bank. I’m really impressed with how this takes the original computer game ‘ping-pong’ and re-imagines it for a modern, mobile, multi-user world. I think Tony Wilson would like the noisily irreverent way it intrudes into the formal world of banking."

Malcolm mentioned other entries in his comments on the category. Read Malcolm's full comments here

Entrant's description

"Rhythm were asked by ThirtyThree to use their unique PlayNow technology to create DB-Play, a multiplayer version of a classic arcade ping pong game for Deutsche Bank for use at graduate recruitment events globally. Students instantly join the game played on the event’s big screen by entering a URL in their phone’s browser. Players work together as teams of up to 100 whilst also competing individually to hit the ball more times than anyone else. The game has so far been used at 17 events and has harvested thousands of sets of contact details, with more events planned worldwide."


The Anthony Wilson Award is chosen by a special guest judge from the shortlists.

The special guest judge in 2015 is Malcolm Garrett

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